Requirements before training

Please bookmark this page and read all this IMPORTANT information.

1.  Always have the latest software for your smartphone prior to ANY of our training.

  • Please update at least 7 days prior to attending.
  • Please ensure your email account is working prior.
  • If you have IT people, please check with them first to see if they would prefer to do the updates for you.


Plug your device into your laptop or PC  ** If you DO NOT do these updates the webinar will not be as effective as the updates change where information is.  

2.  Write down your model and software version AFTER you have done the update above.  We will ask you this information when you register for the webinar. 

  • iPhone/iPad
    • Go to Settings icon
    • Go to General icon
    • Go to About
      • Write down your Version and Model
        • ie. Version: 5.0.1(9A405) Model: MC916CI
  • BlackBerry
    • Click Here
      • Write down your Version and Model
      • ie. 9800/


3. Don't forget to have your device charged and ready to go for the webinar.