Cell Phone Bill

Does it cost to call your Voice Mail when traveling?

Always call your carrier or check their site but for the most part: Roaming charges apply when accessing your voice mail.

Billing Analysis

It is an interesting and unique addition to our services.   We just saved our last client 42% on their monthly company cell bill.   Slowly changing the world by educating the end users on what costs money and by renegotiating contracts.  Life is good when we can help you right where it hurts. Check out more info on how we can help you? #telus #Bell #rogers

A $7000 phone bill?

In a nutshell it is about education. 

I keep harping about know your Carrier and know your plan.  Think about this:

It can be up to $2.50 every time you call 411.  How many people just ignore these little amounts on their bill?  The carriers can bank on that!  I wish I could have that money. 

Let's do the math:

366,000,000 people in North America.

183, 000,000 have some sort of mobile device

(50%) 18, 300, 000 use 411 service

(10%)  x $2.49 for every 411 call

$45,567,000 they make off us using 411!

Wouldn't you want a piece of that pie?  There are many FREE services.  You have a smartphone, use the browser, download one of the many FREE apps, just please don't use 411.

Want a Keynote or conference session on How to Mitigate Costs?  Just email us at info@swirlsolutions.com

There are some great apps you can use instead of 411:

BlackBerry Click Here

iPhone Click Here

Tracking down Canada's ghastliest cellphone bill

http://bit.ly/dklzYn (via @vancouvermetro)  Marketplace, Canada's award winning consumer affairs show, is doing a program on the worst cell phone bills.  You know I am all about educating people about what cost money and how to mitigate costs and over the years have been told about bills as high as $11000 and even one of the carriers told me about a $70,000 bill, just from traveling abroad.  I have a really good friend in Edmonton and they have a teenage daughter.  What do kids do?  Text all day.   So they took a week vacation to Mexico and their daughter sat on the beach and happily texted her friends.  They thought they had an "unlimited plan" for texting, so text away.   This word "unlimited" drives me crazy and I think really gets people in trouble.  If I can get across to anyone who has an "unlimited" data or texting plan, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check with your Carrier as to what that means!  Usually it means only in your home network, not when you go to Mexico.   Sadly, my friends bill was $400 for a week of texting.  Don't let this happen to you! We even offer an hour workshop on "How to save money on your Bill".  Let's keep OUR money in OUR pockets and not the Carriers. How to save money on your Cellphone bill - Webinar Would love to hear your comments and stories about your cell/BlackBerry bill.
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