BlackBerry and iPhone Training for MBABC

LENGTH OF WEBINAR: 1.5 Hours (75 minutes presenting and 15 minutes Q and A)

The first 3 registrants pricing:  $99.00* - 50% OFF

BlackBerry Agenda:  Click Here

iPhone Agenda: Coming Soon (We are just updating it!)


  • Faster ways to access your emails 
  • Multiple ways to mitigate your wireless bills when traveling. (We have seen $500 to $200,000 wireless bills because people didn't understand roaming.)
  • Less frustration trying to figure out how to do things
  • How to quickly use shortcuts to find what you want
  • How important it is to understand how your contacts and calendar work WITH your smartphone
  • Many productivity boosting tips!
  • And MUCH more!    

How do you know if you are making costly productivity mistakes with your wireless devices or applications?


  •      Use your Smartphone mostly for making or receiving calls
  •      Have no idea how to manage your calendar
  •      Continue to use the default or out of box settings instead of customizing it to your needs
  •      You aren't incorporating all the time-saving shortcuts
  •      Have never heard of half the functions your software/device has to offer to make your life easier
  •      Have never turned your Smartphone off
  •      Have no idea about ways to mitigate costs on wireless devices
  •      Have to call your support line for help and generally they don't know the answer either
IS your Device up to date?…

BlackBerrys and iPhones are always getting new software for your device and our webinars are always on the latest software.  Please click on this to update your device PRIOR to the webinar.  


 No cancelations or refunds but we would be happy for you to have someone else attend.

We will send you a reminder a week before the Webinar to ensure you have updated your device.

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