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Simultaneously holding the left "alt" key, right "shift" key, and "delete" key will restart your BlackBerry.  Nope, you don’t even have to remove your case, cause we all know what a pain that is!


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Do you 'get' POP and IMAP?

What is POP and IMAP?


I am sure you have seen these two acronyms if you have ever configured your email to work.     What do they mean though?  Basically, POP downloads emails from the server for permanent local storage and IMAP leaves them on the server and caches emails locally.  IMAP is a little bit like the new term Cloud storage.


POP: Post Office Protocol  (1984)

IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol (1986)


Protocol just means that it allows you to read your emails from a 3rd party app like Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail, etc…  POP has been around a bit longer than IMAP.



  • Connect to server
  • Retrieve all mail
  • Store locally as new mail
  • Delete mail from server*
  • Disconnect

*The default behavior of POP is to delete mail from the server. However, most POP clients also provide an option to leave a copy of downloaded mail on the server.


  • Connect to server
  • Fetch user requested content and cache it locally, e.g. list of new mail, message summaries, or content of explicitly selected emails
  • Process user edits, e.g. marking email as read, deleting email etc.
  • Disconnect

As you can see, the IMAP workflow is a little more complex than POP. Essentially, folder structures and emails are stored on the server and only copies are kept locally. Typically, these local copies are stored temporarily. However, you can also store them permanently.



What Are The Advantages Of POP?

Being the original protocol, POP follows the simplistic idea that only one client requires access to mail on the server and that mails are best stored locally. This leads to the following advantages:

  • Mail stored locally, i.e. always accessible, even without internet connection
  • Internet connection needed only for sending and receiving mail
  • Saves server storage space
  • Option to leave copy of mail on server
  • Consolidate multiple email accounts and servers into one inbox

What Are The Advantages Of IMAP?

As mentioned in the introduction, IMAP was created to allow remote access to emails stored on a remote server. The idea was to allow multiple clients or users to manage the same inbox. So whether you log in from your home or your work computer, you will always see the same emails and folder structure since they are stored on the server and all changes you make to local copies are immediately synced to the server.

As a result, IMAP has the following advantages:

  • Mail stored on remote server, i.e. accessible from multiple different locations
  • Internet connection needed to access mail
  • Faster overview as only headers are downloaded until content is explicitly requested
  • Mail is automatically backed up if server is managed properly
  • Saves local storage space

·         Option to store mail locally



What Is The Best Email Protocol For Me?

Choose POP If...

  • you want to access your mail from only one single device
  • you need constant access to your email, regardless of internet availability
  • your server storage space is limited

Choose IMAP If...

  • you want to access your email from multiple different devices
  • you have a reliable and constant internet connection
  • you want to receive a quick overview of new emails or emails on the server
  • your local storage space is limited
  • you are worried about backing up

If in doubt, go with IMAP. It's the more modern protocol, it allows you to be flexible, your email is automatically backed up on the server, available server space usually isn't an issue these days, and you can still store important emails locally.

Thanks to for this article.  I just reworded to make it a bit easier, I think J , to understand.


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Testing @roammobility Getting a SIM card BEFORE you travel to the USA








We had one BlackBerry (BES) and 2 iPhones with us to test out how using the SIM and the HOTSPOT worked.   So something you MUST remember if you are buying a SIM card is that you can't currently keep you CDN #.  You remove your  CDN SIM along with the phone number so that means that you won't get any phone calls or texts while you are using the other SIM.  Phone calls with go to voice mail so you can check upon your return but my husband is a Realtor and there is no way he could or would give up his phone #.  (ROAM's answer:  We see lots of people who can't miss calls so they do forward but don't pick up and return the call on the ROAM #)  ***Please check with your Carrier as the to rates they will charge you, because they will, for forwarding to the US #

So personally I didn't really get that this would be useful for a BlackBerry user to do this.  When would I need to make phone calls in the USA or back to Canada that couldn't wait until I was in front of my computer to Skype or facetime?  I tested it but didn't really use it.   However, carrying the hotspot was a great thing!   (Most of the time).   That meant that all data went through the hotspot while we were out and about.  We weren't connecting to a Canadian Carrier to do this, saving lots of money. I had three off us using and didn't go over what I purchased.   Which brings me to the account.  I couldn't' t remember how many MB / GB I purchased and at one point no one could connect and I thought 'maybe' we went over.   I logged on to my account to see what I purchased and it wasn't easy to figure out for a new user.   See image below.  I did figure out that I had 500 MB to use and we never went over the in the 3 days with 3 of us it using all the time.  (ROAM's answer:  We are working on creating a self serve portal for users to check their data usage however for the time being customers can contact our Care Team via email, chat or phone to get an update)



After rebooting the hotspot our devices we were able to connect again, so in the end it had nothing to do with the plan.  This happened a few times over the 4 days, not sure why.   Also, we were in Vegas, so would leave early in the morning and not come back until later in the night and I left the hot spot on for everyone.  It generally lost battery power after about 7 hours of being on.  Not bad, and maybe next time I would only turn on when needed to check emails to conserve battery.   

(ROAM's answer: Something to keep in mind when leaving the hotspot on during the day or overnight is that your devices may run automatic backups, updates and syncing since it sees the connection as a regular WiFi connection and could use alot of data)

  • You can purchase most of ROAM's offer on Allegiant air.  They sold out when were asked at the end of the flight.  Not sure how many they had but the male flight attendant was a great salesman for ROAM and he totally new his stuff!
  • Each time I put in a SIM on my BlackBerry I had to log on with my BlackBerry ID and password so don't forget to bring that with you or commit to memory.   See image below:


  • Make sure you don't need your CDN # to receive texts and/or phone calls as you will get a brand new USA number
  • Make sure you don't FORWARD your CDN # to your new USA number, you have just defeated the reason for doing this.  You will be charged for calling the USA!!!!
  • (ROAMS Answer: Forwarding may be an option if you have Long Distance with your Carrier or as an alternative you can use your new DUAL SIM breeze phone)   
    • The issue I still see is that then you won't get data as the breeze phone doesn't have data. 
  • BlackBerry's won't work for data (email, browsing, etc), I actually couldn't' test the iphones because they had micro SIMs and we were only provided with the regular one.   From listening and watching the Allegiant Airline attendant, if you order the normal way the package comes with both SIMs for you to use. 
  • if you have an iPhone make sure you have something to remove your SIM with!
  • Keep the little guy in a safe spot.   I coudn't remember where I put it a few times and it is super small!
  • If you get a data plan you also will get a new icon to setup your T-Mobile Email account.  Not a bad option if you want to use another email address for US stuff.  I couldn't test this as I kept getting an error.   See image below with new icon and every time I tried to click on it I got the error beside it.  (ROAM's answer:  Though the icon does show up Roam users wouldn't be able to use.)


  • Charge it nightly
  • If you need to use all day and have no way to charge it again, turn on and off when you need to use
  • it is little and convenient and just slipped nicely into my side pocket. 
  • Sometimes you have to reconnect if it isn't working. (ROAM's Answers:  This device has a sleep mode to save bettery that shuts off after a certain time after no devices are connected.  This can be changed by plugging the device into your computer and going into the admin panel. 



I would definately purchase a SIM card for my smartphone if some of the stuff above didn't matter or if I went to the USA all the time.   The Wi-Fi hotspot was great but remember that only covers data (browsing, BBM, iMessage, emails, etc...)  and not Voice/Text.  I am lucky because all my voicemails convert to emails so I can read the information and see if it is urgent. 

For only $130.00 and I get to keep it and buy plans as needed, I am going to be chatting with them and possibly purchase on before my next trip!   Think about it, one trip could be the price of overages if you don't think about these things!  Or our hotel offered 'deal' for internet for $16.00 a day.  Well worth it to use your Roam Mobility Hotspot!


August 2012:  I contacted Roam to see if I could get a demo to let everyone know how easy (or hard) the process was for my clients.   I am going to the USA in September and wanted to demo 2 of their products for you.  First off, it was a pleasure to chat with Dylan and let him know what I was up to and how they could help me help you!   He was on it and I went through the process to buy the following items:


1.       Liberty mobile hotspot  $129.00 and you get to keep it!

This will allow me NOT to worry about how much Wi-Fi is in a hotel or have to run around and find a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi___33.  In theory I can just carry around this small device and it acts as a hotspot on the go!  

The Data Plan was $29.95 for 500 MB of Data.   (All data plans are good for 30 days)

2.       SIM Card  $19.99 and you get to keep that USA number. 

The issue some will have with this is that you can’t use your CDN number so you won’t get your texts or voicemails.  Voice you will can retrieve and not sure about texts.  Will let you know on the update after I get back.   So you can keep the US number and use when you go away again.  As long as you activate it again within a year.  That is my understanding.

The Plan for 3 days is $18.95 – Unlimited talk and text within the USA and back to Canada and 200 MB of data.



So I got the 2 items in the mail within a day or two and then the next step was to just add plans to the devices above.  Pretty easy! Now I am set to go on my trip in September.  I just have to remember to bring them along!  Ha ha.


Overall their site is great.  There is a live chat if you get stuck, which I did.   I would have liked all the plan info on each page as I had to go back and forth but now I know that when I am in the USA it includes to the USA and Canada.    The other thing that wasn’t a big deal but I would have liked to see is the plan comparison column fill up with what the Big Guys rates and not have to go in to each Carrier to view.   Still a great and easy process and they are working on a fix for this.


So….. let’s compare pricing from the big guys!  That comparison calculator is here.  Huge difference from Roams 6 cents a MB and from others anywhere from $5.00 to $30.00 from the carriers!   And Roams LD  and texting is unlimited to US and Canada with their plans!   Psyched to start the trial.   Adding the plan is easy…you just figure out what you want and when your first day is in the USA and that is it!   BlackBerrys seem to be a bit of an issue but I will test that!


Any questions before I go away and test for you guys?



Do you you really understand all this talk about switching SIMs when you travel or what a mobile hotspot is?   Well, I can tell you that in theory I understand it but I really "get" technology after I test it.  So with the help of Roam Mobility, I am going to test swapping SIMs and their mobile hotspot on my trip to the USA!   How nice of them.    Please check out my blog about the process before my trip and then I will update you after.  If you have any questions, let me know?  I am here to help you!

What is a SIM?  

  • It looks similar to the image below
  • It connects your device to the Carrier network.  (Giving you access to voice and text services, and depending on your device, Internet and select data services.)
  • It also contains your mobile identity. It stores your phone number, important account information, contacts and text messages.
  • Your SIM card remains active as long as you subscribe to your Carrier
  • You can move it from one device to another.  (Will be required to be unlocked for USA use)

What is a Mobile Hot Spot?

The one I will be testing looks like the image below. 

t is generally a small device that provides access for up to 5 Wi-Fi (you remember what Wi-Fi is?) enabled devices.   Notebooks, netbooks, tablets, phones, smartphones, etc. 


Sincerely, Darci



What to find a vessel in the harbour? #Vancouver

All you folks that have to do with ships!   I came across this app that is so cool, shows any vessel in the harbour.


Desktop :


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How about a bite to eat and a drink or two on @BridgesGI Patio?

We waited about 10 minutes if that for a table along the water side to hang out with our friend @yasminemoulin

What fun and hey you never know who else is a Corrie fan!   Who knew! 

We enjoyed Nacho’s (Can you ever have a bad one?) and some wine spritzers and pale ale.  Absolutely fabulous way

to spend an evening.  Thanks Yasmine!yasmine  Check out Bridges

Top Producer Outlook Sync now available!

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New MAC OS Mountain Lion Available

From our Apple Trainer:


Apple's latest Mac OS, Mountain Lion came out today. I've already upgraded. So far no major problems. Firefox looks a bit funny but only on some web pages so it may not even be related. 


Users just need to open their Mac App store and purchase Mountain Lion. It's only $19.99. The install takes about 35 minutes.  


If you need help remember we are always here for you!

A Message from RIM's CEO


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Exclusive News for Enterprise Customers





A Message from RIM's CEO


On Wednesday, July 4th, BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins wrote an op-ed piece exclusively for the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, titled "Don't Count BlackBerry Out."


Don't count BlackBerry out.


In recent weeks, it's become fashionable for pundits and market watchers to alternately eulogize Research In Motion as a fallen pioneer and demonize management for not chopping up the company to sell for parts.




As President and CEO of RIM, I understand the frustration and impatience of RIM's shareholders and their eagerness to see the company start to surface the underlying value we all know exists at RIM. But we do not believe RIM is a company at the end. Nor do RIM's current challenges hint at a larger Canadian problem of not being able to sustain successful technology companies.


Technology, and particularly mobile computing, is a globally dynamic industry where innovation is as likely to occur in Waterloo as it is in Seoul or Palo Alto or Stockholm.


Rather, we believe RIM is a company at the beginning of a transition that we expect will once again change the way people communicate. In technology, it is not if you have to change, but when you have to change, and we are in the earliest days of truly mobile computing – an era in which people interact with the world around them in ways we could barely imagine just a few years ago. With BlackBerry, RIM created the framework that gave people their first taste of an untethered yet completely connected life.


As we prepare to launch our new mobile platform, BlackBerry 10, in the first quarter of next year, we expect to empower people as never before. BlackBerry 10 will connect users not just to each other, but to the embedded systems that run constantly in the background of everyday life – from parking meters and car computers to credit card machines and ticket counters.


Those are big promises, I know; and some doubt whether RIM can pull it off. I am the first to admit that RIM has missed on important trends in the smart-phone industry – especially in the consumer domain, focusing on its core value system for successful products and services. We are working diligently on BlackBerry 10 in order to provide a compelling experience for our loyal enterprise customers and consumers. While we are in a very competitive and constantly changing market, customers benefit from this competition and continued innovation.


As this market grows and includes more people in more countries, there is more room – a true need, really – for alternatives. We see this every week with our developer community, who are attending sold-out BlackBerry 10 developer sessions around the world to leverage our platform and ecosystem in order to create and innovate for their communities. That is why RIM has chosen to pursue a strategy that eschews the homogenized sameness of competing ecosystems. To help with that task, we have reshaped the executive team and recruited telecommunications industry veterans with proven track records of success.


Innovation is never easy and rarely understood – but it is exciting.


To that point, some of what I read and hear is thoughtful and insightful; some, frankly, is just plain wrong. But the facts about RIM's business provide reason to believe that we can succeed, even as we take painful but necessary steps to focus our resources and build a lean, nimble organization focused intently on bringing BlackBerry 10 to market.


As some pundits write RIM's obituary, the company's global subscriber base continues to grow, to more than 78 million people in 175 countries. In many of those countries – some of the fastest growing markets in the world – RIM is the top smart-phone; and in some, RIM devices account for the top three spots. We have relationships with 650 carriers around the globe; RIM's reliability and security make it the first choice for countless government agencies and are part of the reason more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies deploy BlackBerry in their enterprises.


RIM has no debt. The company also has more than $2 billion in cash on its balance sheet, and generated $710 million in operating cash flow in its first quarter.


Simultaneously, RIM is undertaking a corporate overhaul that we expect will reduce annual operating expenses by more than $1 billion by the end of our fiscal year. Unfortunately, that requires us to become a much more focused and smaller organization.


These are just the steps we're ready to announce. As has been reported, RIM has hired outside advisers to help me and the other members of the executive team think about the business in new ways and to explore a range of alternatives that leverage our core strengths and build on the BlackBerry brand.


When I became CEO just over six months ago, I knew this would be a difficult and challenging job. RIM was – and remains – at a crucial juncture in its history. In response to our tough quarterly results last week, our employees received thousands of emails from around the world from retail customers, carrier partners, developers, family, friends and neighbors expressing their support and loyalty to BlackBerry. They are – like many of us - BlackBerry people by choice.


It reminded me just how much opportunity and promise there is within RIM, and how much of what makes BlackBerry special stems from our status as a small-town Canadian company.


While some who have never made the drive to Waterloo pontificate about software they have not seen or devices they have not touched, developers around the world are getting increasingly excited about the possibilities BlackBerry 10 offers. They see that innovation remains a core principle stretching back to RIM's earliest days above a bagel shop.


So don't count BlackBerry out.


Thorsten Heins is President and Chief Executive Officer of Research In Motion, Ltd.





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