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So I know that a lot of our clients and workshop attendees hear me back RIM 100% for 12 years or so.   What you didn't know is that because my company is independent that every new OS I purchase for our team, think about that for a bit.  :-)  I use to have some connections within RIM (most are gone) that would provide me with devices as I need to know how each one works and how each new update impacts the devices.  Thought they have simulation software it just isn’t the same as testing BIS and BES differences.   I wish I had kept track of how much research I do and have done around roaming, cost savings,  devices, updates, how it impacts BES users and consumers.   If I had a dollar for every..........ha ha...   Over the last few years I have emailed and called numerous folks at RIM to let them know how I am essentially helping THEIR customers stay loyal and would be great to have RIM back me somehow.    If someone was out there saying how great your company was wouldn’t you want to know? No go.....nothing, nada, so once again, in a roundabout way from a client I got an invite to the BlackBerry Enterprise Forum.   Lots of clients my company had trained were there and I chatted with a few after. More about that at the bottom.    I took notes, on my blackberry, here they are:


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Quick notes:


Is it bad to start 10 minutes late?  Started with a video which I think was lame. Which makes me a bit sad.    The MC should have been up there with a rah rah attitude but it was also kind of sad.


·         80 plus  mill global subscribers

·         3 plus billion bb app world downloads

·         60 plus mill BBM users

·         90 percent fortune 500 use bb solutions


·         2 million subscribers in last quarter


BB 10 is a platform for mobile computing. Like IPV4 to 6.  Stay true to heritage and help customers with BYOD.


Asking for patience and forgiveness.  They know they have tested patience. 




Best in class MDM

Unsurpassed user experience for balancing Work and Play Best enterprise app Worlds leading mobile computing platform


How to solve privacy issue with byod?  Do we want IT seeing our photos and web history?


BB10 is great for developers and please go google their comments.

This platform will support many things.


Lots of competitors and our value is to enterprise customers.


Eric on MDM 13 years working there


Didn't take the easy route.  Desire to be leader in MDM. 

BES not going away.  Always evolving product until at least 2015.

BB today


·         BES

·         Fusion

·         Office 365

·         Bb, ios and androids.

·         Playbook

·         MVX


Bb cloud services since 1999



503 or newer manages all devices. Touchdown is android 3rd party for mdm. Now fusion can use androids and ios6.  Greg Lederman gives demo. (He was the best presenter)


Great web app and demod how to lock. Unlock, delete only work data, delete all data.  Add IT policy.  Ie disable camera, passwords,  detects jail broken, add software, etc. 


Bb ent service 10 2nd quarter of 2013


Byod and corporate deploy.

25000 users rather than 2000

From MAPI to active sync

Standardizing on active sync


Bb balance


Two tabs on bb . Personal and Work. File manager in personal and one in work. Belongs to end user.  Commands to remove only work stuff


Personal side I can buy appworld apps and on work u have appworld for work.   Easy of deploying device.   Called workspaces.


Working with webex, citrix, etc and bbcommon dev tools like cascades. Download scrapbook on playbook to see what cascade is capable of.

Webworks and html5 can be used for development.  80 percent less to develop than ios.  100 million investment in development.   They have the products with the os on it. Get 10000 if your app generates 1000 dollars.


Integrate with  Revenue generation - more paid for apps than android.


Another Demo of bb playbook.  Accessing you desktop with citrix.  Save to network share and can run any app.   Citrix on bb10 too.

Works today on playbook




Event ticketing

Payments (visa and mc)

Partner with hid.  Id reader.




QNX. Stable OS. This will be on 10 too. Also cars. 60 percent has QNX.  Radio, temp, etc.  Healthcare, industrial equipment.   Check inventory on vending machine.   End to end solution. 


Upgrade path


·         Bes to install fusion to manage other devices come May 2013 install BES10 over other OS and under 1 hour upgrade. 


·         Connect with active sync if you don't want BES. 


·         Upgrade existing licenses to 10 at no charge.   Until dec 31 2013.


Tech support


7 by 24 by 365.

Install fusion today?  60 days of free support Health check program for free


BB10 demo


5000 out in field.


·         Bb hub is like unified messages. Where everything is. Integrated with social media.

·         Html 5 browser score 484 out of 500 on mobile. 

·         Has reader mode without having to pinch.

·         Has active frames.  

·         Updates to bbm groups

·         Keyboard virtual but same as regular keyboard.  Predictive text within context. Looks good

·         Calendar is hybrid.

·         Apps for work that work allows and personal app world.

·         Timeshift photo. Very cool. closed eyes, no problem time shift to open users eyes.




Will bb10 that is integrated with Office 365 work with fusion?  Not currently

Will BBM be personal or workspace?   Not sure

Will there be a Physical keyboard?  Yes

Will there be ‘something’ that users can use for video, Skype, etc? Not sure

How will the personal side of the BB10 be backed up? Not sure

How will they manage BlackBerry ID with 2 spaces, personal and business?  One ID     


Here are some comments from one IT Manager:


“I was a little disappointed with the presentation, I was at one almost a year ago and it hasn’t changed much in my opinion. It was good to see a BB 10 in action although even with that did you see anything you haven’t already seen on the web? They really need to do something to generate some excitement…I talked with some of the RIM sales team that I know and they just don’t seem that engaged to me. I’ve been off the BB for about 6 months”


I sadly agree.  It pains me to make any negative comments about RIM but it was a little disappointing.   The OS looks good or rather the new platform as they say and I hope they can amp up the marketing and have the public believe!  If this was a prelude to what is coming around marketing….hmmmm…not much to say.




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New update for bb 7

I will post here if anything is awesome or bad.  Please let me know your thoughts if you have updated!

Check out waterproofing your smartphone

Liquipel is available within the United States, Australia, and throughout Asia at this time; however, we are expanding rapidly! If you are located within the United States, please visit If you are located in Australia, please visit If you are located within Asia, please visit Pricing will vary based on location. If Liquipel is not yet in your specific area, please be assured that we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.


It is a cool product, just no in Canada yet!

Capturing a Picture of Your Screen in MS OFFICE 2010

  1. Click on the Insert tab.
  2. Click on Screen shot icon
  3. Click a screenshot from among the open applications or click on the bottom screen clipping and it will create a new one!

Test this out, how cool is that?

10 Tips on iOS 6 that you need to know.

Thanks to for this quick and easy article!


When you install iOS 6 on your iPhone or other iOS device, you won’t see any changes to the user interface, but there are a few new apps and several new features under the hood that will make your device a lot more handy to use.

In addition to a new Maps app with turn-by-turn voice navigation, you also get Facebook integration throughout the iOS, the ability to share selected photos in your Photo Stream; pre-set voicemail replies, FaceTime over your cellular network, and several new handy features for the iOS camera, Mail, Safari, Find My Phone. In fact Apple claims over 200 new features are included in the new update. You can get an overview of them here, but let’s explore some of the best tips for quickly getting up and running with iOS 6.

iOS 6 is fully supported on the iPhone 4S, the third generation iPad, the 4th generation iPod Touch, and the soon to be released iPhone 5. It also supports the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, but these two devices do not include Siri, FaceTime on 3G or 4G. The iPhone 3GS will support iOS 6, but it will not include several features and apps, including Siri, Photo Streaming sharing, FaceTime on 3G, Offline Reading list, and hearing aid support. You can download and install iOS 6 wirelessly on your device (Settings app > General > Software Update) or via a wired iTunes connection.




Voice Mail Replies

After you get  iOS up and running, launch the Settings app and tap open the Phone settings, followed by “Reply with Message.” This handy little feature enables to you send preset messages when someone calls, but you can’t or don’t want to  answer.




You can of course customize the pre-set messages; for example: “Sorry, working, will call you later.” When you receive a call, you will need to slide up the phone icon handle to reveal the “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later.”  You can choose your options from there.




Photo Stream

Now in Photo Stream you can select photos and share them directly from your supported device. To do this, tap the Photo Stream icon in the bottom menu bar; tap “My Photo Stream” and then the Edit button at the top-right. Select the photos you want to share, and tap the Share button at the bottom.




Tap the Photo Stream button to share your selected photos with other people. When you share with someone who is also running iOS 6 and iCloud, your photos will show up in their Photo Library or iPhoto app, after they approve the import. Those not running iOS 6 will receive a link to your selected photos posted online via your iCloud account. From there, they can download your photos.  You will need to enable Public Website sharing from within Photo Stream. The link to your photo pages can be shared anywhere.

VIPs in Mail

The Mail app in iOS 6 has inherited the VIP feature, first released in Mountain Lion. This feature enables you to select contacts as VIPs, each of whom will get a special smart folder where all their emails will be collected.




To assign a contact VIP status, tap on his or her From address in an email, and then the next window tap “Add to VIP.” Your VIPs will show up under Mailboxes in your Mail app. However, the only drawback is that you will get all the messages sent by a selected contact, not just their new mail.





Insert Photo or Video

Also in Mail, you can now import/insert photos or a video from within a Mail message, instead of having to export selected content from your Photos Library. To add a photo to an email, press down briefly with your index finger on an empty spot in your email, and then left your finger to bring up the pop-up menu bar. From there, tap on the right arrow and select “Insert Photo or Video.” The contents of your Photo library will pop up. You can add one photo or video at a time to your email. It’s probably best not add more than one video to a mail message.




Do Not Disturb

Though the Notifications feature was a big deal when first released, many iOS users now often find it nuisance when they get too many notices at in appropriate times. In the new update, when you go into the Settings app and turn off notifications completely, or you tap the Notifications > Do Not Disturb, you can schedule a time for when you don’t want to receive calls and alerts.




Furthermore, you can make exceptions for selected contacts in your Contact book, and also allow for Repeated Calls to your phone. This is very useful if you often get calls and alerts while sleeping or in a meeting.

Managing Your Privacy

Also in the Settings app, Apple has placed all your privacy settings in one place, so you can know which apps are accessing data on your phone. Tap on Privacy to find out which app has requested access to say your photos, Twitter and Facebook accounts, your current location, Calendar, Reminders, or Contacts. This is where you can disable and enable access to particular apps. With iOS 6, Apple now requires developers to get permission to access your data.




Shoot Panoramas

For us shutterbugs, Apple has added a feature for taking panorama shots. Now you can shoot large group and scenic photos in one single shot of mainly non-moving subjects. To do so, launch the Camera app, tap on the Options button and select Panorama.




Frame your shot and hold the iPhone or iPod touch steady; tap the shutter button,  and pan continuously to capture the subject. When you reach the end of your panning, tap the exposure button again. Voila, you get a nice smooth panorama in one shot.

More Siri Commands

As expected, Siri now includes even more commands—from getting sports stats and finding local movie time listings, to actually telling it launch apps. You can even have Siri setup reservations at an elegant restaurant. Learn more about Siri commands here.




Safari Features

iOS Safari also received some enhancements. You can now save web pages in the Reading List for offline reading. So say your iPad doesn’t have cellular connection, you can save pages for later reading without needing an internet connection.

With the latest Safari, you can also access web pages open on your other devices. So say you’re reading an MUO review on your Mac, and you want to pick up the reading on your iPhone or iPad. Simply tap on the Cloud icon at the top of iOS Safari and it will display a list of opened tabs from your other devices.




Turn-by-Turn Navigation

In iOS 6, Apple ditched Google Maps and replaced it with its own navigation system. Now you have free default turn-by-turn voice navigation system to give you directions from point A to point B.



Getting directions is very similar to the old Map. When you’re ready for directions, simply tap the Start button. The design makeover of the Apple Map is a lot cleaner and visually appealing.


Find My Phone

Under iOS 6, Find My Phone now includes Lock Mode, which enables you to remotely locate and lock your phone or other Apple device and send a contact message that will be displayed on the locked screen of your device. You can send a contact message by signing into your account, and selecting the Find My Phone icon on the Home page.




You can also use the Find My Phone app on other your iOS devices. Your lost device however must be be shut down in order for Find My Phone to work. You should definitely bookmark the iCloud site and know the steps to locate your device in case of an emergency. Find My Phone can also be used on Mac laptops and desktop computers.


One of the two new default default apps you will see in iOS 6 is Passbook, which is for storing supported travel boarding passes, movie tickets, store coupons, and loyalty cards. When you launch the app, it takes you to the App Store where you select and download the supporting apps to your iPhone. From there, cards and tickets will be added to your Passbook when you register for loyalty cards or purchase movie tickets, for example.




iOS includes lots of other features including Facebook integration, improved Accessibility features, FaceTime access over cellular networks and location-based alerts in the updated Find My Friends app—just to name a few.

Let us know what iOS 6 features you find most useful, and which features you think could use some improvements.

Ticket for sale: Magnetize your Audience / Leader to Luminary Conference

I have an extra ticket for a 3 day conference November 9th, 10 and 11th.   Magnetize your Audience ( Sold Out).  Here is more information about what would be covered


1.     Who is putting it on?


·         Callan Rush

·         Justin Livingston


2.     More info about Callen


·         Professional BLOG

·         YOUTUBE 


3.    Review



4.    Takeaways:


·         *The SECRET to attracting droves of your Perfect Clients to you...with EASE!


·         *The Psychology behind HOT MARKETING! By the time you leave, you know the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of writing marketing that gets results!


·         *You'll create 5 of the MOST ESSENTIAL front end marketing pieces right at the event... including your very own 90min Education Based Workshop!


·         *How to structure your business and revenue model so all your first time clients... become life time clients!


·         *Our most recommended, easy to follow 'marketing templates' so you can create compelling marketing for the life of your business!


·         *The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Magnetizing droves of Eager Clients to your workshops, retreats, and seminars.


·         *How to use 'INTIMATE MARKETING' to PACK YOUR ROOMS every time with ease.


·         *How to talk about "What You Do" so people will BEG to ATTEND your events!


·         *How to have other people FILL YOUR EVENTS for you!



COST is $500.00


How to Create a Paperless Prize #Draw using #Excel

Thanks to Gerry Brimacombe from Sector Learning in Victoria for this one!  This tip shows you how to Randomly Select an Entry from a List in Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.

1. Designate columns for each type of information by naming each column: (ie. Column A = First Name, Column B = Last Name, Column C = Company Name, etc.)

2. Enter each person’s information across the row in the appropriate columns. (ie. Column A = Joe, Column B = Smith, Column C = Sector Learning Solutions, etc.)

3. Create a new column and name it “Draw”. Then populate each row in the Draw column with the formula =RAND()


4. Select the “View” tab then the “Freeze Panes” button (located in the “Window” group). A drop down menu will open – select the “Freeze Top Row” button.


5. Press the “F9″ key to refresh your formula to generate a new set of random numbers in the column.

6. Select the first name in the list using your cursor. Then select the “Data” tab and the “Sort” button (located in the “Sort & Filter” group). Next
Sort your data set by the “Draw” column, Sorts on by “Values” and Order by “Smallest to Largest.” Press OK to randomly sort the list of names.


7. The name at the top of the list is the winner!

Note: To reuse the tool on the same list, repeat steps 6 and 7.


Now that is a great tip!  Thanks again Gerry!

@ViaRail Nov 16 BACI Ball Exotic evening of Tapas, Cocktails,Entertainment & Auction

BACI BALL IS HERE!   BACI helps children and adults of all abilities reach for their dreams and make decisions about their lives. Find out more about BACI here.

The cool part? This is their main annual fundraiser and my first contribution is having our friend Yared perform live and his masterpiece will be up for auction after he is done.   His work goes upwards of $10,000 and he is absolutely amazing to watch.   He paints with inspiration from a musician playing an acoustic guitar!  Check out his site.

There is also a via rail raffle   where you can win One round trip for 2 between Vancouver, BC and Jasper, AB (in a VIA Rail Sleeper), PLUS one night’s stay at the Jasper Fairmont Resort (Total Value: $3,176)

Date: Friday, November 16

Place: District 319  (Main and Hastings…yes I know, uhm interesting location but super cool inside and there will be a shuttle – see below)

Cost:  $100  (You will also get a tax receipt for about 60-70% of the ticket cost)

Time:  Doors open at 6 PM

Parking: Valet Parking & Shuttle from/to Main Street Sky train available.



More info here.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Please forward to everyone and anyone you know as this will be a fantastic event!   Friends, clients, relatives…..

iOS 6 Software Update

Here is apple's forum on the issue: about 5000 people looking for answers :

It might also be worth trying to setup your apple id security questions here: and not on your actual device. 

Sept 22: I am not sure why this worked but I happend to go to iTunes on my iPad and was paying for a movie, this time when it asked for my id and pw and security questions, it allowed me to complete it.  Then I went to the app store and now I can download again.   Odd?

Sept 21: Ok, a bit to early to say all was ok.  I can no longer use the app store.  On the initial log in after the update, it goes through a few steps and one is to update your iTunes ID and choose 3 security questions.  WHich I did.  Then after I logged on it said there were a bunch up updates to apps, no problem, easily updated.  Then I went to download a new app and the trouble started.

1. asks for iTunes ID and pw

2. Go to install

3.  asks for iTunes ID and pw and says do I want to set up security ID (Uhm, I already did) so the first time I said "Not now" but then it won't allow you to download.

4. Tried again and this time said YES will do it again.  Click on the first question to choose and end up with a blank screen.  Can't go any further.  

Can I never download another app again?



Sept 20: Just fyi.  I updated my iPad today to the latest release.  It took about 10 minutes and found no issues.  This update contains over 200 new features, including the following:


•  Maps

◦  Apple designed vector based maps

◦  Turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions on  iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (2nd and 3rd generation)

◦  Real-time traffic information

◦  Flyover for photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of major metro areas on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation), and iPod touch (5th generation)

◦  Local search results with Yelp photos, ratings, reviews, and available deals

◦  Siri integration for requesting directions and finding places along a route

•  Siri improvements

◦  Sports: scores, player stats, game schedules, team rosters, and league standings for baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey

◦  Movies: trailers, showtimes, reviews and facts

◦  Restaurants: reservations, reviews, photos and information

◦  Send a Tweet

◦  Post on Facebook

◦  App launch

◦  Eyes Free in supported automobiles

◦  Local search available in Siri supported countries (availability may be limited during initial rollout)

◦  Additional country and language support for Canada (English and Canadian French), China (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese), Italy (Italian), Korea (Korean), Mexico (Spanish), Spain (Spanish), Switzerland (Italian, French, German), Taiwan (Mandarin), US (Spanish)

◦  Supported on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation) and iPod touch (5th generation)

•  Facebook integration

◦  Single sign-on from Settings

◦  Post from Photos, Safari, Maps, App Store, iTunes, Game Center, Notification Center and Siri

◦  Add location and choose audience for any post

◦  View up-to-date Facebook profile photos and contact information in Contacts

◦  View Facebook events and birthdays in Calendar

◦  Like content and see your friends' Likes in App Store and iTunes Store

•  Shared Photo Streams

◦  Share selected photos with the people you choose

◦  Friends can view shared photos in Photos app, iPhoto and Apple TV

◦  Friends can like and make comments on individual photos

•  Passbook

◦  One place for boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets and other passes

◦  Barcode display for boarding flights, buying coffee, getting into movies and other actions

◦  Passes displayed on Lock Screen based on time or location

◦  Passes can be automatically updated

◦  Supported on iPhone and iPod touch

•  FaceTime improvements

◦  FaceTime over cellular support for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd generation)

◦  Receive FaceTime calls, sent to your iPhone number, on your iPad and iPod touch

•  Phone improvements

◦  Do Not Disturb to suppress incoming calls and notifications

◦  'Reply with message' option when declining a call

◦  'Remind me later' option based on time or location when declining a call

•  Mail improvements

◦  VIP mailbox to quickly access mail from important people

◦  Flagged email mailbox

◦  Insert photos and videos when composing email

◦  Open password protected Office docs

◦  Pull down to refresh mailboxes

◦  Per account signatures

•  Safari improvements

◦  iCloud tabs to see open pages on all your devices

◦  Offline Reading List

◦  Photo upload support

◦  Full screen landscape view on iPhone and iPod touch

◦  Smart app banners

◦  JavaScript performance improvements

•  App Store and iTunes Store improvements

◦  Updated store design

◦  iTunes Preview history

◦  Complete my season

◦  Complete my album

•  Game Center improvements

◦  Challenge friends to beat high scores and achievements

◦  Post high-scores and achievements to Facebook and Twitter

◦  Friend recommendations based on your Facebook friends

•  Accessibility improvements

◦  Guided Access to limit device to one app or restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen

◦  VoiceOver integration with Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom

◦  Support for Made for iPhone Hearing Aids for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

•  Improved privacy controls for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos and data shared over Bluetooth

•  Reminders can be reordered in the Reminders app

•  Custom vibrations for alerts on iPhone

•  Clock app for iPad

•  Clock alarm with song

•  Search all fields in Contacts

•  Automatic movie mode for improved video sound quality

•  Definitions of a selected word for Chinese, French, German and Spanish

•  New keyboard layouts for French, German, Turkish, Catalan, Arabic and Icelandic

•  Keyboard shortcuts shared across devices via iCloud

•  Bluetooth MAP support

•  Global network proxy for HTTP

•  Features for China

◦  Baidu web search

◦  Sina Weibo integration

◦  Share videos to Tudou

◦  Share videos to Youku

◦  Improved text input for handwriting and Pinyin

•  Bug fixes


Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas.  Please visit this website for more details: 



For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website: 


Reminder about Email Etiquette

Here are a few tips to remind you about email usage both the good and the bad.




1.       Make the subject useful and descriptive.

a.       If you are emailing to say meet at 10 at Starbucks, why now put that in the subject and say meet at 10 at Starbucks eom.  That means end of message and they know they don’t have to open!

2.       The shorter the email the better

3.       If it HAS to be long, make it bullet point

4.       Review every message before sending

a.       Make sure your spellcheck is on!

5.       Adding your signature in every email with your details.  Even in replies.  You can make it shorter but have your phone number in it don’t make them search for a way to call you back.




1.       Please, please, please do not USE ALL CAPS

a.       It means you are just downright angry.  J

2.       Copy in ONLY those that are required to see the email

3.       Do NOT “REPLY TO ALL” unless absolutely necessary

4.       Do NOT “REPLY TO ALL” unless absolutely necessary (Worth repeating!)

5.       Do NOT put all your intended readers in the TO field.  They may not want everyone to know their email

6.       Do NOT send long wordy emails.  Ick!

7.       Do NOT copy in your boss on every email

8.       Reply back to just say Thanks, ok, you bet


Enough rules for you?  Most of it is just plain common sense.  Another is to only read emails at certain times of the day, like 10 and 2.   Can you do it?  J

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