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Intelligent, intuitive and constantly adapting to your needs - the new BlackBerry® Z10 is now available at a store near you.

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BlackBerry® Z10


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Locking iPhone4 in portrait

If you haven’t updated your device, instructions below but you should update.


Double click the home button to bring up the multitasking bar.
2. Swipe right until the last set of icons is displayed in the multitasking bar (these will include play/pause and skip buttons for iPod or Pandora).
3. The furthest left icon looks like a circular arrow - touch this icon to enable or disable rotation lock on the iPhone.
4. A rotation lock icon will appear in the status bar next to the battery charge icon when rotation lock is enabled. This looks like a circular arrow around a padlock.

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iPad vs. iPad Mini

I had a client ask me recently about the iPad mini and previously I did some research but hadn’t actually blogged about it.   Initially everyone I asked had mixed reviews, some loved it and well, some hated it.   I will try and be objective from many of the reviews I have read and people I have talked with.



·         iPad mini is 23 percent thinner, 53 percent lighter

·         7.9 inches ( So great to put in a purse, bag, briefcase)

·         5‑megapixel photos and shoots full 1080p HD video

·         Significantly less moola than an iPad

Most of the people I talked to bought the iPad mini because it was cheaper and smaller.  


·         16 if aren’t planning on buying a ton of apps and videos and you won’t keep loads of photos

·         32 if you are an average user and will download a few apps

·         64 if you love to view and test apps, take photos and videos, watch TV and movies.


Check out Apple’s comparison chart if you can’t decide on which iPad to buy.


The iPad Mini will be great for those who want to take it everywhere you go, if you prefer only a few games rather than a real gamer, if you want to do a bit of work on it but not all day long and you want to browse the web but don’t mind having to zoom in on the smaller screen to enlarge text.  The smaller display is OK for things like watching movies, reading books and playing some games but you don’t want to work on a large excel sheet on it!

Do you have one?  What are your thoughts?

How to input acronyms in your #Smartphone to create your own words, sentences and paragraphs!

BlackBerry (Newer): 

1.    From the home screen (main) just start typing word substitution and you will see the search

2.     Click Options (wrench)

3.     Click Word Substitution

4.     Menu

5.     New

6.     Create as many as you want.

BlackBerry (Older): 

1.    From the Home Screen Click Options (wrench)

2.    Click Autotext

3.    Menu

4.    New

5.    Create as many as you want.


1.     Settings

2.     General

3.     Keyboard

4.     Add Shortcut

5.    Create as many as you want.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Outlook! [Plus 50% Off!]

I have used this and it works great!

Remove Duplicate Contacts with Scrubly! 50% Off For a Limited Time

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Clean Contacts = Increased Productivity

The new year is a great time to clean up your contacts and start the year fresh. To celebrate, we're offering 50% off in the month of January.

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Tomato Time Management in 2013

As you might guess, I'm a big fan of tools and ideas that increase productivity, especially when thinking about how to improve my results in the coming year.

For the past few months, I've been trying out a time management process called the Pomodoro Technique. This system has made a huge difference in my ability to stay focused on the task in front of me and get more done throughout the day. I wanted to pass this time management practice on to you, it's free and they have a quick overview video here:

Pomodoro Technique Free Video:

I'd love to hear if the Pomodoro system works for you as well.

Thank you for all of your support in 2012 and here's to an amazing 2013!

Best regards,


Bob Thordarson | Chief Scrubber
BluCapp, Inc.
Twitter: @bobthordarson

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Do you think #texting and driving is ok? View this

Though this is a few years old it is still relevant. Do you text and drive?  Powerful video!


Shortcuts on Microsoft Word

Need to save some time?


Ctrl + B = Bold Text

Ctrl + I  = Apply Italic

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + Alt + F = Insert a footnote

Ctrl + K = Insert a hyperlink


If you want to learn more shortcuts,, why not give us a call to schedule training for your group or for yourself?


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